OPSC Main Exam Syllabus : Philosophy

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013

Section-A History Of Philosophy (Western)

1. Plato : Theory Of Ideas.
2. Aristotle : Form, Matter And Causation.
3. Descartes : Cartesian Method, Certain Knowledge, God, Mind – Body Dualism.
4. Spinoza : Substance, Attribute, Modes, Pantheism.
5. Leibnitz : Monads, Pre-Established Harmony.
6. Locke : Theory Of Knowledge, Rejection Of Innate Ideas, Substance And Qualities.
7. Berkeley : Immaterialism, God, Criticism Of Representative Theory Of Perception.
8. Hume : Theory Of Knowledge, Scepticism, Self, Causality.
9. Kant : Reconciliation Of Empiricism And Rationalism, Space, Time, Categories, Possibility Of Synthetic Apriori Judgments, Ideas Of Reason, Antinomies, Criticism Of The Proofs For The Existence Of God.
10. Hegel : Dialectical Method, Absolute Idealism.
11. Precursors Of Linguistic Analysis : Moore (Defense Of Common Sense, Refutation Of Idealism), Russell (Theory Of Description).
12. Logical Positivism : Theory Of Verification And Rejection Of Metaphysics.
13. Phenomenology : Hussrel.
14. Existentialism : Kierkegaard, Sartre.

Section-B (Indian Philosophy)

1. Carvaka : Theory Of Knowledge, Materialism.
2. Jainism : Theory Of Reality, Saptabhangi Nyaya, Bondage And Liberation.
3. Buddhism : Pratityasamutpada, Ksanikavada, Nairatmyavada, Nirvana, Vijnanavada, Sunyavada.
4. Samkhya : Theory Of Causation, Prakriti, Purusa, Theory Of Evolution.
5. Nyaya & Vaisesika : Theory Of Pramana, Self, Liberation, Proofs For The Existing Of God, Categories, Theory Of Causation, Atomistic Theory Of Creation.
6. Mimamsa : Theory Of Knowledge And Error.
7. Vedanta : Sankara And Ramanuja On Brahman, Isvara, Atman, Jiva, Jagat, Maya, Moksa.


Section-A Socio-Political Philosophy

1. Political Ideals : Equality, Justice, Liberty,
2. Individual And State.
3. Democracy : Concept And Forms.
4. Socialism And Marxism.
5. Humanism.
6. Secularism.
7. Human Rights.
8. Theories Of Punishment.
9. Coexistence And Violence, Sarvodaya.
10. Gender Equality.
11. Scientific Temper And Progress.
12. Philosophy Of Ecology.

Section – B Philosophy Of Religion

1. Notions Of God : Personalistic, Impersonalistic, Naturalistic.
2. Proofs For The Existence Of God And Their Criticism.
3. Grounds For Disbelief In God And Their Criticisms.
4. Problem Of Evil.
5. Religious Language, Reason, Revelation And Mysticism.
6. Karma, Rebirth And Reincarnation.
7. Soul, Disembodied Existence And Immortality.

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