OPSC Pre Syllabus Anthropology

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
I. Basic Concepts: Biological/Physical Anthropology,Social/Cultural Anthropology, Prehistoric Archaeology/Palaeo Anthropology,Economic Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Cognitive Anthropology.

II. Key Terminiologies And Definitions: Culture, Culture Trait, Culture Complex, Culture Pattern, Culture Area, Acculturation, Enculturation, Society, Community, Group, Institution,Association, Band, Tribe, Caste, Animism, Shamanism,
III. Social Institutions: Marriage, Family, Kinship, Clan, Moiety, Phratry, Lineage, Dormitory. Society, Culture And Personality; Status And Role; Mechanical Solidarity And Organic Solidarity, Anthropology Of Religion, Science Of Mythology, Applied Anthropology, Social Stratification.

IV. Plesitocene Period And Prehistoric Culture:Geological And Archaeological Time Scale, Ice Age (Causes & Effects).Paleolithic, Mesolithic And Neolithic Cultures. Tool Types And Techniques.

V. Evolution: Organic Evolution: Lamarckism, Darwinism, Neo Darwinism And Synthetic Theory. Human Evolution:Palaeontological Evidences - Australopithecinae, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal Man, Cro Magnon, Chancelade, Grimaldi.

VI. Man’s Phylogenetic Position: Man As A Primate, Anthropoidea, Hominoidea, Hominidae And Homo Sapiens.

VII. Human Variation: Concept Of Race; Major Races, Their Characteristic Features And Distribution. Causes Of Variation.

VIII. Anthropological Genetics: Concept Of Gene, Chromosome, Hereditary Trait & Their Transmission, Genetic Variation In Population.

IX. Constitutional Provisions And Protective Legislation For Sts And Scs Definition Of Tribe, Caste, Their Characteristic Features, Constitutional Safeguard. Mada, Cluster Approach, Tribal Sub Plan, Itda, Primitive Tribe. Problems Of The Tribals And Welfare Measures For Them.

X. Anthropological Thought Natural Science Ideals In Anthropology; Humanistic Tradition In Anthropology; Anthropology, History And Natural History.

XI. Theories In Anthropology: Evolutionism, Diffusionism, Neo Evolutionism, Functionalism,; Structural – Functionalism, Structuralism.

XII. Methodology In Anthropology: Cultural Relativism, Methods Of Comparision Of Anthropology, Emic And Etic Approaches, Holistic Approaches In Anthropology, Unity And Diversity In Indian Society, Social Mobility And Social Change.
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