OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Civil Engg

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013

1. Engineering Mechanics : Units And Dimensions, Si Units, Vectors, Concept Of Force, Concept Of Particle And Rigid Body. Concurrent, Nonconcurrent And Parallel Forces In APlane, Moment Of Force And Varignon's Theorem, Free Body Diagram, Conditions OfEquilibrium, Principle Of Virtual Work, Equivalent Force System.
First And Second Moments Of Area, Mass Moment Of Inertia.
Static Friction Inclined Plane And Bearings.
Kinematics And Kinetics : Kinematics In Cartesian And Polar Co-Ordinates, Motion UnderUniform And Nonuniform Acceleration, Motion Under Gravity. Kinetics Of Particle :Momentum And Energy Principles, D `Alembert's Principle, Collision Of Elastic Bodies,Rotation Of Rigid Bodies, Simple Harmonic Motion.
2. Strength Of Materials : Simple Stress And Strain, Elastic Constants, Axially LoadedCompression Members, Shear Force And Bending Moment, Theory Of Simple Bending,Shear Stress Distribution Across Cross Sections, Beams Of Uniform Strength, Leaf Spring,Strain Energy In Direct Stress, Bending And Shear.

Deflection Of Beams : Macaulay's Method, Mohr's Moment Area Method, Conjugate BeamMethod, Unit Load Method. Torsion Of Shafts, Transmission Of Power, Closecoiled HelicalSprings, Elastic Stability Of Columns : Euler's, Rankine's And Secant Formulae. PrincipalStresses And Strains In Two Dimensions, Mohr's Circle. Theories Of Elastic Failure, ThinAnd Thick Cylinders : Stresses Due To Internal And External Pressures-Lame's Equation.

3. Structural Analysis : Analysis Of Pin Jointed Plane Trusses, Deflection In Trusses. ThreeHinged And Two Hinged Arches, Rib Shortening, Temperature Effects, Influence Lines InArches. Analysis Of Propped Cantilevers, Fixed Beams, Continuous Beams And Rigid Frames.Slope Deflection, Moment Distribution,, Kani's Method And Matrix Method : Force AndDisplacement Methods. Rolling Loads And Influece Lines For Determinate Beams And PinJointed Trusses.


Geotechnical Engineering: Types Of Soil, Field Identification And Classification, PhaseRelationships, Consistency Limits, Particle Size Distribution, Classification Of Soil, StructureAnd Clay Mineralogy.Capillary Water And Structural Water, Effective Stress And Pore Water Pressure, Darcy'sLaw, Factors Affecting Permeability, Determination Of Permeability, Permeability OfStratified Soil Deposits.Seepage Pressure, Quick Sand Condition, Compressibility And Consolidation, Terzaghi'sTheory Of One Dimensional Consolidation, Consolidation Test. Compaction Of Soil, OptimumMoisture Content, Proctor Density.Subsurface Exploration, Methods Of Boring, Sampling, Types Of Sampler, Field Tests.Shear Strength Of Soils, Mohr-Coulomb Failure Theory, Shear Tests Earth Pressure At Rest,Active And Passive Pressures, Rankine's Theory, Coulomb's Wedge Theory, Earth PressureOn Retaining Wall.Bearing Capacity, Terzaghi And Other Important Theories, Net And Gross Bearing Pressure,Immediate And Consolidation Settlement.Load Carrying Capacity Of Pile Groups.Stability Of Slope-Conventional Method Of Slices, Stability Numbers.

Transporation Engineering : Highway Alignment, Choice Of Layout And Capacity OfHighways, Location Survey, Geometric Design Of Highways-Various Elements, Curves, SightDistance, Grade Separation And Segregation Of Traffic, Intersection Design, HighwayMaterials And Testing, Subgrade And Pavement Components, Types Of Pavements, RoadDrainage.Railway Engineering-Elements Of Permanent Track-Rails, Sleepers, Ballast And RailFastenings, Tractive Resistance, Elements Of Geometric Design-Gradients And GradeCompensation On Curves, Cant, Transition Curves And Vertical Curves, Stresses In RailwayTracks, Points And Crossings, Signalling And Interlocking, Maintenance Of Railway Track.Elements Of Culverts And Small Bridges.Airport Engineering - Classification Of Airports, Selection Of Site, Airport Planning AndControl, Airport Marking And Lighting Systems.


Fluid Mechanics: Fluid Properties, Fluid Statics, Forces On Plane And Curved Surfaces,Stability Of Floating And Submerged Bodies.

Kinematics: Velocity, Streamlines, Continuity Equation, Accelerations, Irrotational AndRotational Flow, Velocity Potential And Stream Functions, Flownet, Flow Separation.

Dynamics: Euler's Equation Along Streamline, Control Volume Equation, Continuity,Momentum, Energy And Moment Of Momentum Equation From Control Volume Equation,Applications To Pipe Flow, Moving Vanes, Moment Of Momentum, Dimensional Analysis.Boundary Layer On A Flat Plate, Drag And Lift On Bodies. Laminar And Turbulent Flows.Laminar And Turbulent Flow Through Pipes, Variation Of Friction Factors, Pipe Networks,Water Hammer, And Surge Tanks.

Open Channel Flow: Energy And Momentum Correction Factors, Uniform And NonuniformFlows, Specific Energy And Specific Force, Critical Depth, Friction Factors AndRoughness Coefficients, Flow In Transitions, Free Overfall, Weirs, Hydraulic Jump, Surges,Gradually Varied Flow Equations, Surface Profiles, Moving Hydraulic Jump.


Environmental Engineering

Water Supply: Estimation Of Surface And Subsurface Water Resources, Predicting DemandFor Water, Impurities Of Water And Their Significance, Physical, Chemical AndBacteriological Analysis, Water Borne Diseases, Standards For Potable Water.

Intake Of Water:
Types Of Intake Structures, Pumping And Gravity Schemes, WaterTreatment: Principles Of Coagulation, Flocculation And Sedimentation; Slow, Rapid,Pressure, Filters; Chlorination, Softening, Removal Of Taste, Odour And Salinity.Water Storage And Distribution: Storage And Balancing Reservoir Types, Location AndCapacity. Distribution Systems: Layout, Hydraulics Of Pipe Lines, Pipe Fittings, ValvesIncluding Check And Pressure Reducing Valves, Meters, Analysis Of Distribution Systems,Leak Detection, Maintenance Of Distribution Systems, Pumping Stations And TheirOperations.

Sewerage Systems: Domestic And Industrial Wastes, Storm Sewage-Separate AndCombined Systems, Flow Through Sewers, Design Of Sewers, Sewer Appurtenances,Manholes, Inlets, Junctions, Siphon. Plumbing In Buildings.

Sewage Characterisation: Bod, Cod, Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrogen And Toc.Standards Of Disposal In Normal Water Course And On Land.

Sewage Treatment:
Working Principles, Units, Grit Chamber, Sedimentation Tank, TricklingFilters, Oxidation Ponds, Activated Sludge Process, Septic Tank, Disposal Of Sludge,Recycling Of Waste Water.

Construction Management : Elements And Principles Of Activity On Arrow (Aoa) AndActivity On Node (Aon) Networks And Work Breakdown Structure. Interfaces. LadderNetworks. Activity Time. Time Computations And Floats. Atc And Ptc Trade-Off. WorkStudy And Sampling. Scheduling Principles-Material Schedules. Abc And Eoq Analysis OfInventory. Budgeting With Barcharts. Working Capital, Cpm And Pert, Probability OfCompletion.Elements Of Engineering Economics, Methods Of Appraisal, Present Worth, Annual Cost,Benefit-Cost, Incremental Analysis. Economy Of Scale And Size. Choosing BetweenAlternatives Including Levels Of Investments. Project Profitability.
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