OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Education

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
Unit - I: Education & Its Role :
Education - Meaning, Nature And Scope.
Education As A Process
Education And Schooling
Education For National Development And International Understanding.
Education And Society
Education And Culture
Education And Politics
Education And Religion.

Unit - II : Development Of Education After Independence
Recommendations Of Secondary Education Commission, 1952-53.
Indian Education Commission, 1964-66
National Education Policy 1968
National Policy On Education, 1986
Programme Of Action, 1992.

Unit - III : Trends In Education.
Constitutional Provisions For Education
State, Centre Relationship For Development Of Education
Education For The Socially And Economically Disadvantaged Sections Of The
Society- S.C., S.T. & Women.

Unit - IV : Psychological Foundations Of Education
Growth And Development, Principles
Factors Affecting Growth And Development
Dimensions Of Development - Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, Moral.
Intelligence : Nature, Si Model, Multiple Intelligences.
Personality : Approaches To Personality Study; Trait, Type And Psychodynamic.
Creativity : Nature, Characteristics, Measurement.

Unit - V : Learning Theories And Principles.
Learning - Concept And Principles
Theories Of Learning - Conditioning, Trial And Error,
Gagnes’s Hierarchical Learning, Blooms Mastery Learning Constructivism.
Motivation - Concept, Types And Techniques For Motivating The Learners.
Transfer Of Learning - Theories, Role Of Teacher In Maximum Transfer.
Role Of Technology In Learning.

Unit - VI : Issues In Education.
Concept, Need, Process Of The Followings :-
Population Education: Adolescent Education, Family Life And Sex
Health And Nutrition Education
Environmental Education
Value And Peace Oriented Education.
Adult And Non-Formal Education.

Unit - VII : Trends In Education.
Distance Education
Life Long And Continuing Education
Vocational Education
Education For All
Programmes Of Tic, Nlm, Plc, Jsn, Nfe & Ae, Dpep & S.S.A.
Work Experience /Supw.
Information And Communication Technology - Meaning, Nature & Scope.

Unit - VIII : Evaluation In Education
Educational Evaluation - Meaning & Scope
Types Of Evaluation - Placement, Formative, Diagnostic & Summative.
Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation.
New Trends In Evaluation - Grading, Semester Syste, Question Bank.
Use Of Computer In Evaluation,
Orissa Examination Act, 1988
Problems Of Present Evaluation System.

Unit - IX : Administration, Management And Supervision In Education.
Concept Of Administration, Management And Supervision.
Structure And Functions Of Ugc, Naac, Ncert, Ncte, Niepa, Cbse,
Cabe, Aict, Icssr.
Scert, Src For A.E., Siet, Bse, Chse Of Orissa.
Sources Of Financing At Different Levels Of Education.

Unit - X : Educational Statistics.
Need Of Statistics For A Teacher
Measures Of Central Tendencies - Mean, Median & Mode
Measures Of Variability
Standard Scores - Properties And Uses.
Normal Probability Curve - Properties And Applications.
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