OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Forestry

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
1. Forest : Its Role In Natural Ecosystem Management, Land Use And Extent Of Forests In India, Need For Conservation Of Existing Forests And Scope Of Extension Forestry In India.

2. Effect Of Locality Factors On Vegetation :
Climatic (Light, Temperature,Precipitation And Wind) Edaphic (Soil And Geology, Soil Conditions Influencing Plant Growth) And Biotic Factor (Man, Animal, Bird And Micro Organisms).

3. Forest Classification And Distribution :
Basis For Classification Of Indian Forest,Forest Types In India And Orissa, Phytogeographic Regions Of India.

4. Forest Management : Objective & Principles Of Management, Sustained Yield : Principles, Scope And Limitation. Normal Forest : Factors Of Normality, Normality In Even Aged And Uneven Aged Forest. Growing Stock : Determination Of Actual And Normal Growing Stock In Different Systems, Relationship Between Growing Stock And Yield. YieldAnd Its Regulation : Kinds Of Yield, Yield In Even Aged And Uneven Aged Stand, Yield Regulation In Regular And Irregular Stand.

5. Silvicultural System : Basis For Classification Of Silvicultural System. Clear Felling System, Uniform System, Selection System, Coppice Forest System And Conversion. Role Of Different Forest Systems In Working Plan Preparation.

6. Forest Regeneration : Natural Regeneration : By Seeds , By Vegetative Parts.Stages Of Natural Regeneration And Different Operations Carried Out For Obtaining Natural Regeneration. Artificial Regeneration : Factors Deciding Success Of Artificial Regeneration.Introduction Of Exotics : Scope And Limitations. Tending : Different Types Of Tending And Factors Affecting Tending Operations.

7. Extension Forestry :
Agroforestry : Concept, Classification, Scope And Management. Farm Forestry, Social Forestry : Objectives, Scope And Benefits. Joint Forest Management.

8. Forest Policy And Legisilation : Indian Forest Policy 1952, 1988, 1994. National Commission On Agriculture (1976) Report On Forestry. Constitution Of Waste Land Development Board. Indian Forest Act. 1927, Forest Conservation Act. 1972, Orissa Timber And Other Forest Produce Transit Rules 1980, Orissa Forest Rules 1980.

9. Forest Utilization : Sustainable Forest Harvesting Techniques. Principles And Techniques Of Logging And Wood Extraction. Non-Timber Forest Produces : Gums,Resins, Dye Tannin, Fibres & Flosses, Oil Seed, Cane, Bamboos, Medicinal Plants, Lac,Tasser, Honey Katha , Bidi Leaves, Paper & Pulp.

10. Forest Ecology And Environment : Biotic And Abiotic Component, Forest Community Concept. Ecosystem : Components, Energy Flow In Ecosystem. Ecological Succession. Watershed Concept : Role Of Wood Lots In Sustainable Resource Management.

11. Wildlife Management : Role Of Wildlife In Forest Management, Wildlife Management : Principles, Wildlife Management In Zoo, Sanctuary And National Park.Biosphere : Concept And Need For Conservation. Scope Of Eco Tourism In Biosphere Reserve.

12. Forest Genetics And Tree Improvement :
Nature And Scope Of Tree Breeding, Sexual & A sexual Reproduction. Pollination And Mode Of Pollination, Sterility & Incompatibility. Variation : Phenotypes And Genotypes. Methods Of Breeding Trees And Other Forest Plants : Introduction, Selection, Hybridization, Heterosis, Polyploidy And Mutation. Principles And Practices Of Plant Breeding : Progeny Testing, Provenance Trial.Breeding Of Trees For Higher Productivity, Desirable Quality. Tree Breeding Strategies For Forest Plants Improvement.

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