OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus: Geology

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
(A) General Geology : Solar System. The Earth : Its Origin, Age And Internal Constitution. Volcanoes - Cause, Types, Distribution, Geological Effects And Products. Earthquakes - Intensity, Distribution, Causes And Effects. Geosynclines. Mountain Building. Continental Drift. Sea Floor Spreading. Plate Tectonics.
(B) Geomorphology : Basic Concepts. External And Internal Processes. Rock Weathering. Fluvial Landforms And Drainage Patterns. Landforms Of Aeolian, Marine, Glacial And Karst Landscapes. Study Of Aerial Photographs And Satellite Imagery. Application Of Remote Sensing In Geology.
(C) Structural And Field Geology : Primary And Secondary Structures. Dip And Strike Of Beds. Unconformities. Study Of Folds, Joints, Faults, Foliation And Lineations. Stages Of Rock Deformation. Stress And Strain Ellipsoid. Stereographic Projection.
Topographic Maps And Their Interpretation. Use Of Clinometer Compass In The Field. Measurements Of Bed, Foliation, Folds, Joints, Faults And Lineations In The Field. Principles Of Geological Mapping. Effects Of Topography On Outcrops. Drawing Of Sections.

(A) Crystallography : Laws Of Crystallography. Symmetry Elements And Forms Of Normal Classes Of Seven Crystal Systems. Twinning. Polarisation, Double Refraction & Optic Axis. Petrological Microscope And Accessories. Construction And Use Of Nicol Prism. Pleochroism, Extinction Angle, Birefringence. Behaviour Of Light In Uniaxial And Biaxial Minerals.
(B) Mineralogy : Physical, Chemical And Optical Properties Of The Following Common Rock Forming Minerals: Quartz, Feldspar, Mica, Pyroxene, Amphibole, Olivine, Garnet, Carbonates, Aluminosilicates. Structure Of Silicates. Crystal Chemistry Of Minerals-Polymorphism, Isomorphism.
C) Economic Geology : O Re Mineral And Gangue. Classification Of Mineral Deposits. Processes Of Formation. Occurrence, Origin And Distribution In India Of The Ores Of Aluminium, Chromium, Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Manganese And Radioactive Elements. Deposits Of Minerals Used As Abrasives, Refractories And In Ceramics. Deposits Of Coal And Petroleum. Prospecting For Mineral Deposits.

Part -III
(A) Igneous Petrology : Origin Of Magma And Formation Of Igneous Rocks. Bowen's Reaction Principle. Crystallisation Of Binary Systems. Classification Of Igneous Rocks. Textures And Structures Of Igneous Rocks. Composition, Origin And Mode Of Occurrence Of Granite, Syenite, Diorite, Mafic And Ultramafic Rocks, Anorthosites And Alkaline Rocks.
(B) Sedimentary Petrology : Sedimentary Processes And Products. Classification Of Sedimentary Rocks. Sedimentary Structures. Clastic Deposits- Their Classification, Mineral Composition And Texture. Elementary Ideas About The Origin And Characteristics Of Quartz Arenites, Arkoses And Graywackes. Siliceous And Calcareous Deposits Of Chemical And Organic Origin.
(C) Metamorphic Petrology : Types And Factors Of Metamorphism. Zones, Grades And Facies Of Metamorphism. Regional And Contact Metamorphism. Textures And Structures Of Metamorphic Rocks. Metamorphism Of Argillaceous, Arenaceous, Calcareous And Basic Rocks. Metasomatism.


(A) Paleontology : Fossils And Fossilization. Modes Of Preservation Of Fossils. Uses Of Fossils. Study Of Morphology And Geological History Of Foraminifers, Brachipoda, Pelecypoda, Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Trilobita, Echinoidea And Anthozoa. Mammals Of Siwalik Group. A Brief Study Of Gondwana Flora.
(B) Stratigraphy And Geology Of India : Fundamental Laws Of Stratigraphy. Stratigraphic Correlation - Lithostratigraphic, Biostratigraphic And Chronostratigraphic. Geological Time Scale. Physiographic Divisions And Outline Of Stratigraphy Of India. Brief Study Of Dharwar, Vindhyan And Gondwana Supergroups And Siwalik Group With Reference To Their Major Subdivisions, Lithology, Fossils, Areal Distribution And Economic Importance. Geology Of Orissa.

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