OPSC Pre Syllabus : Mechanical Engineering

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
1. Statics And Dynamics
(A) Statics :
Simple Applications Of Equilibrium Equations. Friction. Trusses.
(B) Dynamics :
Simple Applications Of Equations Of Motion, Work, Energy And Power. Conservation Of Momentum And Impact.
2. Theory Of Machines :
Simple Examples Of Kinematic Chains And Their Inversions. Different Types Of Gears, Bearings, Governors, Flywheels And Their Functions. Static And Dynamic Balancing Of Rigid Rotors.
Simple Vibration Analysis Of Bars And Shafts.
Linear Automatic Control Systems.
3. Mechanics Of Solids :
Stress, Strain And Hookes Law. Shear And Bending Moments In Beams. Simple Bending And Torsion Of Beams, Springs And Thin Walled Cylinders. Elementary Concepts Of Elastic Stability, Mechanical Properties And Material Testing.
4. Manufacturing Science :
Equilibrium Phase Diagram, Iron Carbon Equilibrium Diagram, Transformation Curves, Heat Treatment Of Steel, Case Hardening. Sand Casting, Gates And Risers, Defects In Casting. Inspection. Special Casting Processes. Metal Working Process :- Rolling. Forging, Extrusion, Powder Metallurgy. Gas Welding, Arc Welding, Resistance Welding, Advanced Welding Processes :- Geometry Of Cutting Tool In Asa, Ors And Nrs, Merchants Theory, Tool Material, Cutting Fluid, Tool Wear, Taylor’s Tool Life Equation, Chatter In Machining, Economics Of Machining, Cnc, Dnc, Advanced Machining Process :- Edm,Ecm, Ajm, Usm, Ebm, Lbm. Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Coating Technology (Pvd, Cvd.)
5. Manufacturing Management :
Operation Research, Formulation Of Lp Problem, Solution By Graphical Method, Simplex Method. Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Theory Of Games, Waiting Line, Statistical Quality Control, Production Control, Quality Engineering Concepts Of Taguchi, Total Quality Management, Iso 9000/Iso 14000. Methods And Time Study, Motion Economy And Work Space Design, Operation And Flow Process Charts, Break-Even Analysis.
6. Thermodynamics :
Basic Concepts, Definitions And Laws, Heat, Work And Temperature, Zeroth Law, First Law, Second Law And Its Corollaries, Temperature Scales, Behaviour Of Pure Substances, Equations Of State. Reciprocating Air Compressors : Work Required For Single And Multistage Air Compressors, Effect Of Intercooling, Optimum Inter-Stage Pressure, Effect Of Clearance And Volumetric Efficiency. Analysis Of Air Standard Power Cycles, Carnot, Otto ,Diesel, Brayton Cycles, Vapour Power Cycles, Rankine Reheat And Regenerative Cyles, Open And Closed Cycles Gas Turbine With Intercooling And Reheating.
7. Energy Conversion :
Flow Of Steam Through Nozzles, Critical Pressure Ratio, Shock Formation And Its Effect. Steam Generators, Mountings And Accessories. Impulse And Reaction Turbines, Elements And Layout Of Thermal Power Plants. Hydraulic Turbines And Pumps, Specific Speed, Layout Of Hydraulic Power Plants. Introduction To Nuclear Reactors And Nuclear Power Plants, Handling Of Nuclear Waste.
8. Refrigeration And Air Conditioning :
Unit Of Refrigeration, Maximum Cop, Bell Coleman, Vapour Absorption And Vapour Compression Cycles, Refrigeration Equipment, Operation And Maintenance, Refrigerants, Principles Of Air Conditioning, Psychometric Chart, Comfort Zones, Humidification And Dehumidification. Ozone Friendly Refrigerants.
9. Fluid Mechanics :
Hydrostatics, Continuity Equation, Bernoulli's Theorem, Flow Through Pipes, Discharge Measurement, Laminar And Turbulent Flow, Boundary Layer Concept.
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