OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Philosophy

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
Problems Of Philosophy
1. Substance : Aristotle, Descartes, Locke Berkeley's Immaterialism, Hume, Nyaya Vaisesika And Jaina.
2. Universals : Realism And Nominalism (Plato, Aristotle, Berkeley's Criticism Of Abstract Ideas) Nyaya - Vaisesika, Buddhism.
3. Method Of Knowledge : Empiricism, Rationalism, Pramana Vada - Carvaka, Nyaya - Vaisesika.
4. Theories Of Truth : Correspondence Theory, Coherence Theory, Pragmatic Theory.
5. Khyati Vada : Anyatha Khyati, Akhyati, Anirvacaniya Khyati, Viparita Khyati.
6. Body And Mind : Descartes (Interactionism), Spinoza (Parallelism), Leibnitz (Pre-Established Theory), Epiphenomenalism.

1. Truth And Validity, Principles Of Logic.
2. Problem And Procedure Of Induction : Scientific Induction, Unscientific Induction, Analogy.
3. Syllogism : Figures And Moods, Rules Of Syllogism (General And Special) Valid Moods, Direct And Indirect Reduction, Venn Diagrams.
4. Grounds Of Induction : Formal Grounds And Material Grounds.
5. Propositional Calculus : Truth Functions (Negation, Conjuction, Disnjuction, Implication, Alternation, Equivalence, Stroke), Truth Table, Testing Validity Of Arguments, Direct Truth-Table, Indirect Truth-Table Method.
6. Algebra Of Classes : Null Class, Class Inclusion, Class-Membership, Reduction To Normal Forms.

1. Statement Of Fact And Statement Of Value, Right And Good - Teleology And De-Ontology.
2. Moral Standards : Psychological Hedonism, Utilitarianism (Bentham And J.S. Mill), Rigorism (Kant).
3. Problem Of Freedom Of Will.
4. Moral Judgements : Descriptivism, Prescriptivism, Emotivism.
5. Gandhian Ethics : Truth, Non-Violence, Satyagraha, Ends And Means.
6. Niskama Karma, Purusartha.
7. Jaina Ethics : Triratna.
8. Buddhist Ethics : Four Noble Truths, Eight Fold Paths.

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