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OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Political Science & International Relations

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
   1. Political Science : Nature & Scope And Approaches To The Study Of Political Science
   2. Concepts : State, Sovereignty, Power, Nationalism, Civil Society
   3. Political Ideas : Rights, Liberty, Equality, Justice.
   4. Democracy : Meaning And Theories Of Democracy.
   5. Political Ideologies : Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Gandhism.
   6. Party System And Political Process : Therories Of Party System, National And Regional Parties, Patterns Of Coalition Politics, Interest And Pressure Groups.
   7. Forms Of Government : Parliamentary And Presidential. Federal & Unitary
   8. Regionalism And Decentralization
   9. Theories Of Development And Underdevelopment: Role Of Bureaucracy
  10. Social Movements : Peasant & Workers , Tribal, Feminist Environmental Movements And Role Of Non Government Organisation.
  11. Major Theories Of International Relations : Idealist, Realist, Systems Decision Making; .
  12. State & The Global Order : Nature And Impact Of Globalization; Regional Economic Cooperation.

Government And Politics With Special Reference To India
   1. Approaches To The Study Of Governments
   2. Constitutions And Basic Features: U.K., Usa.And China,.
   3. Constitutional Development In British India; The Constituent Assembly And Salient Features Of The Indian Constitution .
   4. Nature Of Indian Federalism : Centre-State Relations, Legislative, Administrative, Financial And Political
   5. Fundamental Rights And Directive Principles Of State Policy, Fundamental Duties;
   6. The Union Executive : President, Prime Minister And The Council Of Ministers
   7. Parliament : Powers And Functions Of The Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha; Parliamentary Committees;
   8. The Judiciary : The Supreme Court , Judicial Review; Judicial Activism.
   9. The State Executive : Governor, Chief Minister And The Council Of Ministers;
  10. Indian Party System : Evolution And Contemporay Trends; Coalition Government At The Centre And States, Pressure Groups In Indian Politics.
  11. Local Government & Politics : Panchayti Raj And Municipal Government; Role Of Women In Panchayats.
  12. Challenges To Indian Political System:
         1. Communalism Regionalism, Terrorism, Casteism, Criminalisation And Corruption.
         2. Regional Disparities, Socio Economic Inequality Poverty, Illiteracy, Population, Growth, Impact Of Globalization.

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