OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Sociology

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
Unit I : Basic Concepts :
Society, Community, Association, Institution, Culture, Culture Change, Diffusion, Cultural Log, Ethnocentrism, Acculturation. Social Groups-Primary, Secondary And Reference Groups. Little Tradition And Great Tradition, Status And Role, Role Conflict, Role Set, Social Control. Norms And Values-Conformity And Deviance, Law And Customs. Socio-Cultural Processes : Socialization, Assimilation, Integration, Cooperation, Competition, Conflict, Accommodation, Universalization And Parochialization.

Unit II : Marriage, Family And Kinship :
Marriage : Types And Forms, Marriage As Contract, And As A Sacrament. Family : Types, Functions And Changes. Kinships : Terms And Usages.

Unit III : Social Stratification :
Forms And Functions; Caste, Class And Gender, Jajmani System, Purity And Pollution, Dominant Caste, Sanskritisation.

Unit IV : Types Of Society :
Tribal, Agrarian, Industrial And Post-Industrial, Society.

Unit V : Economy And Society :
Economic Systems Of Simple And Complex Societies, Non-Economic Determinants Of Economic Behaviour, Market (Free) Economy And Controlled (Planned) Economy.

Unit VI: Industrial And Urban Society :
Rural-Urban Continuum And Contrast, Urban Growth And Urbanization, Town, City And Metropolis; Urban Slums; Impact Of Automation On Society; Industrialisation And Environment.

Unit VII : Social Demography :

Population Size, Growth, Composition, And Distribution In India; Components Of Population Growth-Births, Deaths And Migration; Population Policy.

Unit VIII : Political Processes :
Power, Authority And Legitimacy; Political Socialisation; Political Modernisation, Pressure Groups; Caste And Politics, Religion And Politics.

Unit IX : Weaker Sections-And Minorities :
Protective Discrimination; Constitutional Safeguards.

Unit X : Social Change :
Theories Of Change; Factors Of Change; Science, Technology And Change. Social Movements-Peasant Movement, Women's Movement, Backward Caste Movement, Dalit Movement.

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