General Studies

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
The Nature And Standard Of Questions In This Paper Will Be Such That A Welleducated Person Will Be Able To Answer Them Without Any Specialized Study. The Questions Will Be Such As To Test A Candidate’s General Awareness Of A Variety Of Subjects, Which Will Have Relevance For A Career In Civil Services.

General Science
   1. Questions On General Science Will Cover General Appreciation And Understanding Of Science Including Matters Of Everyday Observation And Experience, As May Be Expected Of A Well Educated Person Who Has Not Made A Special Study Of Any Particular Scientific Discipline.
   2. Questions Also May Be Set Covering Facts Relating To Modern Important Scientific Discoveries And Prominent Indian Scientists And Their Contributions.

Current Events And Developments Of National And International Importance.
In Current Events Knowledge Of Significant State, National And International Events Will Be Tested.

History Of India And Indian National Movement

   1. In History Of India Emphasis Will Be On;
         1. General Understanding On Social, Economic And Political History Of India.
         2. General Understanding Of Socio-Cultural And Political History Of Orissa.
   2. Indian National Movement.
         1. Nature And Character Of The 19th Century Resurgence, Growth Of Nationalism And Attainment Of Independence.
         2. Freedom Movement In Orissa, Oriya Nationalism And Formation Of Orissa Province.

Indian And World Geography –
Emphasis Will Be On Geography Of India And Orissa. Questions Are To Be Set On The Following;

   1. Physical, Social And Economic Geography Of India.
   2. Main Features Of Indian Agriculture And Natural Resources.
   3. Natural Resources Of Orissa – Water, Forest And Minerals.
   4. Natural Disasters In Orissa, - Flood And Cyclone.

Indian Polity And Economy –
Questions On Indian Polity And Economy Will Test The Candidate’s Knowledge On The Following;

   1. Indian Political System And Constitution Of India.
   2. Social System And Economic Development In India.
   3. Local Self Government – Urban And Rural Bodies In Orissa.
   4. Orissa’s Economic Development During The Plan Periods;

Agriculture, Industry, Social Sector.

General Mental Ability
The Candidates Will Be Tested On Reasoning And Analytical Abilities.
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